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We can offer various accommodation options for our clients:


Homestay is a great option for students who are looking to improve their English during their stay. Aside from improving your speaking skills, you may feel more comfortable in a family environment. This option is also great for students who does not want to worry about cooking or proving food for themselves as the meals are covered by the family you are staying with!

Private Bedroom

Private Bedrooms are the most desired rooms in Toronto as they are rare and all luxurious. These rooms are mostly located in a Condo which provides every desirable feature which are all inclusive to the rent! Some Private Bedrooms may include its own bathroom.

Shared Bedroom

Shared Bedroom is a great option for those who are more cautious how much they spend on their rent and would like to go as low as possible. This option maybe convenient for friends or even couples.



We provide transport service exclusively for our clients where we pick them up from their Home to the designated Airport along with welcoming new clients from the Airport and drive them to their new place!


Clients may change their mind about where they want to live in. Moving to a new home can be tricky with so many luggage and this is where we step in. We can arrange a car for you to move to a new place!


Some of our clients but mostly new students may seek some guidance with some necessities such as opening a new bank account, requesting a new Canadian Number without having to pay too much or may seek guidance to register for any Language School/College. We can help you manage all that and give all you all the time you need!

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If you are having doubts about the place you are planning to move in or do not know where to find the perfect place in Toronto, this is the right address for you.

As Toronto Student Housing we have dedicated our time and efforts primarily to our clients who are looking for a trustworthy, respectful and result oriented company. We work in accordance with your requirements.


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